Endometriosis and Fibroid Awareness

Be well-aware and well-informed

Awareness of conditions that can affect your cycle or be responsible
for pain and other health-related issues is paramount.
women in the U.S. is affected with Endometriosis, a condition that results in uterine tissue growth outside the uterus during their reproductive years.
Uterine fibroids, benign tumors in and around the uterus, are common and occur in well over 50% of females.
Chronic pelvic pain is typically one of the first signs that sufferers of these conditions report. The onset of this pain often coincides with the menstrual cycle and can be accompanied by heavy bleeding.


If you currently live with these conditions or begin experiencing signs and symptoms, be well-informed regarding resources and support. Take charge of your care with a toolkit for endometriosis or fibroid patients.


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