Create Calm With Hemp

Red Moon organic cotton pads feature 10mg of premium grade hemp extract. Our pads are a transdermal product which means they work by allowing hemp extract to enter the bloodstream through the skin. The tissues of the vulva and vagina are highly permeable areas of the body. Absorption is capable in this area more than in the other, more keratinized skin on the body. The placement of hemp in Red Moon period products optimizes transdermal application. Consistent, regular use further improves the potential effects of hemp extract.

You get all the protection that current products on the market offer, but Red Moon allows you to receive the added benefits of hemp extract in a completely natural, organic, and non-toxic product.


Want to learn more? Explore the How Hemp Helps section for details on using the product and how it optimizes hemp extract.


  • >10mg Premium Grade Hemp extract
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Top Sheet
  • Non-toxic Adhesive
  • Air-laid Paper
  • Biodegradable Film
  • Biodegradable Wrapper