Make the Most
of Your Monthly
Moon Cycle

It’s about you and your body

Red Moon encourages you to accept your menstrual period as a time to focus on your mental, physical, and emotional condition. Proper period care means acknowledging and addressing your needs in these areas.
We believe there is empowerment in understanding, listening, and responding to your body. Perhaps the most important time for this is during menstruation.
With the right routine, knowledge, and mindset, you can progress through your period with comfort and grace. We invite you to embrace your monthly moon cycle.

A Plan for Period Care

The best period care means establishing a routine that includes strategic and sensible habits.

Endometriosis and Fibroid Awareness

Be well-aware and well-informed

Awareness of conditions that can affect your cycle or be responsible
for pain and other health-related issues is paramount.
women in the U.S. is affected with Endometriosis, a condition that results in uterine tissue growth outside the uterus during their reproductive years.

Period Positivity

There is no shame in your cycle

Consider your menstrual cycle a true biological and physiological feat! It is your body's brilliant harmony of hormones and brain activity working together to orchestrate the process that sustains life.
You're living in a time when the archaic stigma surrounding periods is crumbling, and people everywhere are embracing the period positive movement. Promote it yourself by considering your period to be an empowering and incredible natural process.
Menstruation is even proving to have medicinal potential. Evidence is mounting that menstrual fluid is a viable source of stem cells able to be used in regenerative medicine. The non-invasive capabilities with no moral dilemmas make the possibilities for its use very promising.

We're Here for You

A brand you can trust; support you can count on

At Red Moon, we provide encouragement and support for optimizing period wellness. This includes a holistic, natural approach to meeting all mental and physical needs during menstruation.
Take the steps necessary to make your monthly moon cycle a time to focus on yourself. Read more about what Red Moon Period products can offer you.
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