Your period calls for a bit of self-pampering. Do you enjoy the soft glow of candles? Does journaling help you center yourself? Will listening to music have a calming effect on you? Is spending time in nature certain to boost your serotonin? Prioritize these simple, calming pleasures.
Warmth is known to soothe cramping muscles by increasing blood flow to the area affected. A warm compress or even relaxing in a warm bath or enjoying a cup of warm tea is a soothing solution to minor cramping or discomfort.
Ample rest will do wonders for your well-being while menstruating. Unplug from your phone, escape from social media, and make a point to unwind a little early. Avoid alcohol or caffeine as they may inhibit deep, restful sleep. Get comfortable in your sleeping space. Try a weighted blanket. They're known to provide many relaxation and sleep-enhancing benefits.

A Plan for Period Care

The best period care means establishing a routine that includes strategic and sensible habits.