The Benefits of Organic Period Pads

By Alison Ferrell


The Benefits of Organic Period Pads

For some women, periods are easy-breezy, while others may go through debilitating pain, intolerable cramps, nausea, discomfort, heavy flow, etc. Most of us take over-the-counter medications to mitigate these issues month after month, but we all know these NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) have side effects in the long run. Some of us also try alternative options with some relief but often get back on the NSAID wagon. Also, wearing synthetic pads and tampons comes with rashes, discomfort, besides other adverse effects.


Well, here is something that might comfort your mind as well as your monthly cramps, the organic period pads. When it comes to women’s menstrual health, it is one of the best solutions. Organic pads offer better period hygiene, and are more convenient to use.


Benefits of Choosing Organic Pads

There are many reasons why most people are reportedly opting for organic pads over other menstruation products; here are a few of the most popular reasons why:


  • Risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS): Toxins produced by the overgrowth of bacteria (commonly Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria) in the vagina due to the use of menstruation products, primarily tampons. Some of the most common symptoms of toxic shock syndrome are fever, diarrhea, vomiting, confusion, headache, seizures, and weakness. In case of rapid progression, the complications of TSS can have devastating consequences like shock, renal failure, and even death. An organic period pad is a much safer option since the occurrence of toxic shock syndrome is found to be negligible when using pads as compared to those using tampons.
  • Ease of Use: There is no denying the fact that pads are much easier to use, especially overnight. If you have used a tampon in the past you can readily recall that wet feeling when you have to get up in the middle of the night to change it. Also, when you are unsure if you need to change your tampon, you will have to bring it out in its entirety. However, just a peek can tell if a menstrual pad is full and needs to be replaced. 
  • Heavy Menstrual Periods: It is easier to change a pad on days when you are experiencing heavier flow than tampons. Also, during heavy periods, you might end up changing a tampon more frequently than an organic pad with high absorbency. 
  • Vaginal Skin Irritation: Most women, in general, find pads to be more comfortable in comparison to tampons, as there is some discomfort when it is inside you the whole time. Tampons also tend to dry out your vagina and cause irritation. Moreover, organic menstrual pads do not cause skin irritation that you feel while using synthetic pads or tampons. 

Menstruation is a natural process, and one must invest some time in learning about our moon cycles and period positivity, including what period products  we use for having a better period experience.

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