Moon Story

  • Moon Story: Cherie Marquez

    Written by: Cherie Marquez

    Cherie Marquez, Co-Founder, Red Moon   My moon story is relatively uncomplicated when it comes to menstruation. I am grateful to experience painless periods and enjoy overall reproductive health. My... Read More
  • Moon Story: Alison Ferrell

    Written by: Alison Ferrell

    Alison Ferrell, Co-Founder, Red Moon My journey to embracing my moon is a long and hard one. In Flint, MI, I grew up in a traditionally religious family who never…

    Read More
  • Moon Story: Victoria Adkins

    Written by: Alison Ferrell

    When I was several years into my period, around 16, I finally accepted that maybe something wasn’t normal about riding a severe emotional rollercoaster and being doubled over in pain every month.

    Read More
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