Follow Your Moon Cycle With the RED MOON Period Tracker

By Alison Ferrell


Follow Your Moon Cycle With the RED MOON Period Tracker

The phases of the moon are tied to the human fertility cycle and we experience high tides and low tides because of the moon’s gravitational pull. It won’t be ludicrous to say that women’s cycles might have been one of the reasons why humans started tracking the moon’s phases, as most ancient cultures used lunar calendars. We refer to menstrual cycles as moon cycles as an ode to the strong inferences.


You must have dealt with a situation where you felt you could have performed better if you had a chance to be prepared. There is no denying the fact that you can probably score better in a scheduled test than a surprise test. Similarly, knowing the cycles of your body by tracking your periods can help you make necessary arrangements, take the required precautions, be more organized and be more aware of your body.


Why Is it Important to Track your Moon Cycles?


Obstetricians and gynecologists across the globe recommend people with vaginas to track their period. This allows the doctors to get a better understanding of their patient’s health and well-being. Additionally, it helps women make necessary adjustments in their schedule in each of the four phases of their menstrual cycle:

  • If you keep track of your periods, you would be aware of your last menstrual period (LMP) and will be able to predict the next one far more accurately. This would give you time to buy menstrual products like a tampon, menstruation cup, or sanitary pads. Although there is nothing in it to feel embarrassed about, being prepared helps you avoid those unwanted surprises in the form of stained clothes. It is recommended to avoid stressful and physically strenuous tasks while you are menstruating. You might want to plan and take a day off to rest and reflect during the new moon phase. Pamper yourself, get your nails done, read a book, watch your favorite reruns, or anything else that helps you relax and get ready for the rest of the month.
  • If you’ve been tracking your period, you will be aware of your ovulation phase, which is also referred to as the full moon. Women are most sexually active and full of energy during the ovulation phase. Couples should try conceiving whilst the women are ovulating, also referred to as the fertility window. You can also conceive during the follicular phase but trying during the ovulation phase improves the odds significantly.
  • If you are not planning to conceive, you might want to avoid getting intimate with your partner during the ovulation phase. If it is not feasible, make sure you use protection.
  • Tracking your period allows you to stay on top of things and be ready for making the right decisions. Download the RED MOON Period Tracker and start tracking your moon cycles. It is a protocol for doctors to ask if you have any irregularities in your periods. If you track your menstrual cycles with our tracker, you can give concise and accurate responses. It would make their job easier to diagnose your symptoms in case of any ailments like.
  • You can also track your mood, sleep, and energy levels throughout the year using the RED MOON Period Tracker. You will become more aware of your body which can help in improving your overall health. Your hormonal levels spike and plummet every month and by tracking it you will help you be in touch with your emotions better. You can be more cognizant of the physical and emotional changes with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) during the luteal phase.

Menstruation has been associated with shame or embarrassment in most cultures since the beginning of recorded history. As a society, we are slowly transitioning away from seeing menstruation as a taboo subject. It is only obvious to have open conversations about topics related to it. This would not only generate more awareness about period positivity but also enhance your menstruation experience. 


We encourage you to be more open about having a direct dialogue about your period with your family and friends to learn from their experiences, share your knowledge and normalize “period talk”.

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