Red Moon and IFundWomen: Encouraging Investment to Transform Period Care

By Alison Ferrell


Red Moon and IFundWomen: Encouraging Investment to Transform Period Care

Women Supporting Women Through Capital and Collaboration

At Red Moon, we believe everyone should have a safe, healthy period and enjoy access to quality period care products. Since the founding of our company, that has been the heart of our mission.

We’re proud to be an entity that exists to provide women with premium quality period care products and spread the message of positivity and empowerment behind periods.

It’s time to expand our influence.

With the help of IFundWomen and their innovative crowdfunding approach, we’re branching out in hopes of scaling our product and taking our positive period message to an even broader audience.

Consider the motives of Red Moon and why it might be right for you to get involved. 

Red Moon was Made for a Better Period Experience

Behind every box of Red Moon is a sincere desire to deliver a comfortable, secure period, a desire that comes from the empathy of personal experience. 

Co-Founder Alison Ferrell was searching for an end to her suffering. After being plagued with the pain and severe period symptoms caused by Endometriosis, she was inspired to create a period product that would bring relief and a brand that would focus on women’s health and period wellness.

Pain, anxiety, and lack of proper care shouldn’t be part of any woman’s period experience. We’re committed to growing our brand and expanding the reach of our product so that comfortable periods become the norm.

What is IFundWomen

IFundWomen is an organization that specializes in empowering women-owned businesses through coaching, networking, and building capital. Their mission is to close the funding gap for women-owned businesses.

According to IFundWomen, women are starting businesses at 4.8% faster than the national average, yet only 1% of businesses raise venture capital to get their projects up and running. IFundWomen recognizes that going into debt doesn’t have to be a part of realizing your dreams.

They provide opportunities for online fundraising and access to corporate partners’ grants, and that’s not all. IFundWomen acts as a mentor, providing entrepreneurial coaching and a community of support for fledgling businesses.

Working with IFundWomen means receiving all-encompassing support for your small business.

The Craft of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an innovative way to finance projects and fund small businesses. Through online platforms, fundraisers can collect money from a broad audience of supporters.

Entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses looking to get a great idea off the ground often turn to crowdfunding as a debt-free option to take their product or service to the world. 

It’s also a powerful way to build a community of like-minded individuals to share insights and welcome new customers. The process of crowdfunding produces capital and community.

How Can Crowdfunding Help

Crowdfunding allows for small amounts of capital to be contributed by large numbers of investors. Anyone with an interest in the company or cause can become part of bringing its ideas to life and reaching the intended audience.

It means you can support an innovative idea or advance a solution that brings about positive change. It’s a win-win partnership for all stakeholders who believe in the business, brand, or organization.

Why We’re Working to Amplify Our Funding

We’re striving to reach all women who desire an enhanced period experience and want complete period wellness; adequate funding is paramount to those efforts.

Red Moon is focused on developing a network of individuals willing to lend support to those in need. The goal is to grow a positive community committed to making a difference in another person’s health and wellness outcomes.

We want to continue to do our part to transform period care with our product and our message. It’s clear the need is there.

  • 80% of women report experiencing severe pain during their period
  • As many as 5 million women in the U.S. suffer from PCOS
  • 7.5 years is the average amount of time women suffer from Endometriosis before a proper diagnosis

Period relief and proper care should be a healthcare priority.

Support our Efforts and Enjoy Incentives

You can become part of taking proper period care to all women in need. Help us make period wellness a priority and support our crowdfunding campaign!

Funds raised by this campaign will go directly toward research and the further development of our current product, hiring passionate individuals, increasing our inventory, and taking our product to a national and eventually international audience.

There are all sorts of opportunities for you to get involved.

Here’s an overview of our tiered contributions and matching incentives:

RED MOON | IFundWomen Rewards Infographic
Make an Impact with Red Moon

Join our mission to transform period care for all. We consider it our duty to bring natural, safe period care options to all those in need. With your help, we can make that happen.

By visiting our fundraising page, you can learn more about how to contribute and what it means to be a part of our community of advocates.

We believe with the right product, support, and knowledge, everyone can enjoy a healthy, happy period.


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